The Revolution Has Begun!

For decades, organizations have recruited and launched bright young people into jobs where they fulfill the needs of roles as defined by tradition and individual managers.  Organizations have developed and refined detailed processes to focus on individual performance as a basis for ranking individuals for increased responsibilities and compensation – and to identify candidates subject to reductions in headcount driven by economic conditions.

 In these organizations individuals quickly learn that, in order to survive and advance, you must continually strive to improve your ranking – which in turn can lead to intense competition among peers.  Collaborative teamwork suffers and some of the best and brightest seek other organizations where their talents, knowledge and skills are appreciated and nurtured.

 Accenture, with its global workforce of more than 375,000, recently took a hard look at their performance management systems and concluded there had to be a better way to more effectively develop and grow their human talent.  Accenture’s Chief Learning officer, Rahul Varna recently shared the story of this journey and the lessons they learned along the way to revolutionize how they manage performance.

Based on extensive research they found that great performance happens when:

  • individuals can bring the best of who they are and what they do
  • leaders and individuals focus on the vital priorities
  • leaders and team members create a culture of engagement within their team
  • leaders give feedback on the moment
  • and all take action to grow

They have introduced StrengthsFinder to identify each individual’s talents and are creating a culture that focuses on the development of strengths. This is more than personal development. Being aware of and choosing to adopt the habits that move an individual from talent to strengths is a lifelong journey. It creates the momentum for each individual to do their best because they ‘want’ to.  Team leaders are trained to engage in constant conversations with those they lead about the development of their strengths.

 Accenture believes this focus on the development of individual strengths is the platform upon which true engagement in teams occurs.  Which in turn lowers turnover as individuals find satisfaction in becoming the best possible version of themselves within the structure provided by Accenture.  And when it becomes apparent that other roles outside Accenture are better places for the individual, the knowledge gained through the focus on strengths becomes a powerful tool in finding a better fit in a future role.

For more than two decades Teamwork Dynamics has focused on the impact that dynamic teamwork has on an organization’s success.  More than five years ago we began to use Gallup’s StrengthsFinder as a tool as described by Accenture in the link below.  We have worked with more than 2,000 individuals, helping them discover their talents and develop their strengths.  And we have helped dozens of team leaders at all levels within their organizations develop strengths based teams.  In the course of this work we have develop a portfolio of tools and processes to support these transformations.

We would be pleased to visit with any leader interested in learning how to build a powerful organization based on dynamic, strengths-based teamwork.  Please enjoy the link below and then reach out to us to discuss how we might help you explore this revolutionary way to grow your organization.


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Trusted advisor of executive and senior management team leaders who are focused on developing a dynamics teamwork culture that is focused on delivering sustainable results through collaboration, individual commitments and personal accountability. Tom may be contacted by email at
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