My Fees For Personal Services

My professional career spans nearly six decades and a wide range of business issues, professional services, and personal development matters. I am engaged by organizations to work with executive and senior management teams based on detailed information and fees in a proposal or an engagement letter.

For more than three decades, I have assisted and provided advice to individual clients who are in the process of searching for a new role along their career journey. These clients have included individuals with decades of business experiences, those seeking to change their career direction, and those seeking to complete their studies required for an MBA or other advanced degree.

A question I often receive from those clients I help personally with my professional services is, “How much do you charge for the help you provide to me as an individual?

I consider each individual I assist to be a client and the assistance I provide an assignment. After each assignment, I ask my client to give feedback on the services I have provided and to consider referring others to me who can benefit from my services. One of the highest compliments a client can give me is the referral of another potential client.

Included with my request for feedback is a blank invoice to make a payment in any amount the client determines appropriate for the services I have delivered. Some of my clients defer responding to this request until they have landed in their new role. In addition to making an initial payment, some clients chose to make additional payments in the future as they realize my services’ full value.

The amount of the fees paid to me by individuals is determined solely by the client, based on the perceived value for the nature and scope of the services they have received. I ask that my clients take into consideration what is a fair amount as compared to the fees paid to other professionals and trades specialists for their services.

I believe many in our community face challenging situations and need assistance for the basics in their lives. My wife and I have committed to sharing with local agencies and organizations serving those in need, twenty percent of the fees I receive from individuals for my services. Some clients request I direct these contributions to charities of their choice.

Thomas Samson