Michael Guerrette – Brand and Product Executive

“I had the pleasure of working with Tom during a transition period in my career.  At 53 years old and facing unemployment for the first time in my career, I was virtually left without a rudder as my industry and skill sets were being eliminated from the market.  I spent several months running in circles trying to figure out “what I was going to be when I grew up”. Through Strength Finders, Tom helped me formulate my value proposition through realizing my God given talents and connect those talents to my 25 years of industry experience.  It was truly an “aha” moment when I saw my five strengths on paper and connected the dots as to why I liked certain aspects of my career and why I didn’t like other aspects.  The process rekindled my self confidence as well as clarified a career path that will help me stay true to my core strengths and also bring greater satisfaction in my work contributions moving forward.”