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The CliftonStrengths-34 is the leading assessment to identify, enhance and leverage an individual’s innate talents for professional and personal success.  An individual’s strengths are best developed and applied when innate talents are engaged while developing and applying the skills and knowledge needed in any endeavor.

The journey begins with a 20-minute on-line assessment that provides the individual with a ranked talents’ listing. Drawn from a population of 34 critical talents, the assessment results provide valuable information about the nature of an individual’s innate characteristics.

Tom Samson of Teamwork Dynamics helps individuals further align their  assessment results with the individual’s personal and professional goals through a personalized process and coaching that creates a detailed actionable and accountable plan.

Those individuals leading teams benefit from Tom’s customized process that maximizes each team member’s assessment results to formulate and optimize high performing teams.

Taking the CliftonStrengths-34 assessment

The CliftonStrengths-34 assessment ranks the 34 talents Dr. Donald Clifton identified as the sources of our satisfaction and a key element in our strengths.  (Click here) to read about the history of the StrengthsFinder assessment.

This 20 minutes assessment is accessed through Gallup’s on-line store. Gallup charges $49.99 for the on-line assessment which can accessed below.

Click Here To Take Assessment.

Send Us Your Results

We can help you understand and use the information in your assessment reports whether you are trying to find a good fit in a role, improve your personal performance or enhance a team’s results.  Just send an email with your results and a brief description of why you have taken taken the assessment to  We will respond with a link to a scheduling system where you can select a time for a two hour Zoom session that is convenient for each of us.

Our Fees for Personal Services

We know that the StrengthsFinder assessment and our assistance in understanding how to use the assessment results provide significant value to team leaders and individuals.  Our policy on how we handle our fees for these services is summarized at My Fees.

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