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StrengthsFinder is the leading assessment to identify, enhance and leverage an individual’s innate talents for professional and personal success.  Instead of focusing on overcoming weaknesses, StrengthsFinder begins with identifying an individual’s strongest natural talents that can help achieve the success desired.  An individual’s strengths are best developed and applied when natural talents are engaged while developing and applying the skills and knowledge needed in any endeavor.

The journey begins with a 20-minute on-line assessment that provides the individual with a ranked key talents’ listing. Drawn from a population of 34 critical talents, the assessment results can be explored further by reading Gallup’s book, “StrengthsFinder 2.0”.

Tom Samson of Teamwork Dynamics helps individuals further align their StrengthsFinder assessment results with the individual’s personal and professional goals through a personalized process and coaching that creates a detailed actionable and accountable plan.

And those leading teams will benefit from Tom’s customized process that maximizes each team member’s StrengthsFinder results to formulate and optimize high performing teams.

Taking the StrengthsFinder assessment

The StrengthsFinder assessment ranks the 34 talents Dr. Donald Clifton identified as the sources of our satisfaction and a key element in our strengths.  (Click here) to read about the history of the StrengthsFinder assessment.

This 20 minutes assessment is accessed through Gallup’s on-line Strengths Center.

Choice one: For $19.99 Gallup’s StrengthsFinder report will list your top five talents and provide considerable guidance to help you understand your talents as the source and power of the strengths you have and/or will develop.  At a later date, for an additional $69, you can get your full ranked listing of the thirty-four talents based on your original assessment.

Choice Two For $89 you can take the assessment and Gallup will send you a report with the ranked listing of your thirty-four talents.  Understanding your 6th through 10th ranked talents may, in some cases, help an individual understand how some of their top ten talents work together to bring them satisfaction.  And discovering the talents at the bottom of the ranking will help an individual understand why some things bring them such dissatisfaction.  In most cases, understanding just the top five talents is enough to begin the journey of talent discovery that leads to personal growth and satisfaction.

You can access Gallup’s Strengths Center and purchase the StrengthsFinder assessment at will need to sign into your Gallup account to buy and take the assessment.  If you do not have an account with Gallup you will need to create one before you can take the assessment.

Send Us Your Results

We can help you understand and use the information in your StrengthsFinder reports whether you are trying to find a good fit in a role, improve your personal performance or enhance a team’s results.  Just send an email with your results to and suggest a couple of dates/times/places for us to meet in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for about two hours to review the results.  We will prepare a set of materials (click here to see sample items) that will enable you to apply and leverage the power and edge of your top talents in your role as a team member and team leader.

For those outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we can arrange to meet via FaceTime, Skype or by phone conferencing.

We have a nominal fee of $150 for this service which  provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your talents and a valuable framework to plan and develop your future endeavors.

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