Accountability Teams

The successful job transition has a start and it will end in a new position. Getting to the destination will be a journey. The novice job seeker expects that emissaries from the destination’s organization are actively seeking individuals who have backgrounds and skills like them. And that the secret to a successful job search will be to update their LinkedIn profile and wait for the emissary to appear after having searched for individuals with their unique capabilities.

In today’s environment successful job transitions rarely happen like that, especially within executive and senior manager ranks. Most successful job transitions are the result of a well designed and executed job search that proceeded through several phases driven by focused actions of the job seeker.

The first major phase of the job search is a time of self reflection, research, preparation, and planning. Some job seekers enter this phase with the help of an outplacement service funded by their former employer. Others seek the help of coaches and mentors skilled in helping individuals transition their careers.

The next major phase of the job search encompasses the processes of networking to find individuals who will help the individual along their job search journey. It is in this phase that most individuals face their biggest challenge. Who do I know? How can I find people to help me? How do I approach them? What to I ask them for?

One of the most effect resources an active job searcher can have is a small group of fellow job searchers who are committed to helping each other along their job search journey. A group that becomes, under the guidance of an experienced leader, an accountability team focused on helping each other will provide an invaluable support mechanism in the job search.

Tom Samson is skilled and experienced in forming, leading, and supporting accountability teams of job search peers. Since the first of 2021, Tom has formed and led the following teams.

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