Talent Based Teamwork

High performing team leaders understand the innate talents upon which their leadership strengths have been developed.  They communicate a clear vision of their team’s purpose and goals.  They lead by engaging the uniqueness of each team member’s talents while inspiring them to “become the best version of themselves”.  And they maintain the discipline necessary to achieve project success and to be known as a distinctive organization.

Determining and Understanding the Team’s Talents

Teamwork Dynamics uses proprietary tools and processes developed around the Clifton Strengths 34  assessment to identify and analyze your team members’ talents to create higher performing teams.  Our processes include:

  • Team leader conversations about their own innate talents, leadership strengths, the team’s purpose and goals, and their vision for the team’s success.
  • Engaging each team member to complete the renowned StrengthsFinder assessment (Click here to take assessment)
  • Meeting one-to-one with each team member to:
  • Meetings with the team leader and the team to create a culture where:
    • Each team member has the opportunity to “become the best version of themselves” as they work together to achieve its goals and
    • Team members help each other grow and contribute to the team’s efforts through their talents.
    • (Click here to see sample team items)

Tom Samson, the founder of Teamwork Dynamics, has developed several tools that provide a framework for engaging team members in the work of the team. His goal in working with clients is to create a “talent based” culture of teamwork that results in positive and exceptional results. (Click here to learn about Tom)

Please contact us (tfsamson@teamworkdynamics.com) for more information about our work with organizations and teams.