Discovering Your Talents

Since the late 1990’s Gallup has provided a way to help individuals discover their innate or God-given talents.  In 2001 Gallup published “StrengthsFinder 2.0” which included an on-line assessment which gives an individual, based on their responses to a set of questions, a ranked list of their “top five” talents out of thirty-four talents .

As of mid-2017 more than sixteen million individuals from around the globe had completed the assessment providing Gallup with a research base that has validated the methodology and accuracy of the assessment.

Gallup’s research and their consulting work with organizations discovered a high coorelation between an individual’s level of satisfaction and their engagement with their organization. Gallup’s research led to discovering that when individuals were able to utilize their “top five” talents, they were more engaged and the organization’s results significantly improved. Their book “StrenghtsBased Leadership” provides advice on how to engage team members through their talents. The authors of the book also grouped the thirty four talents into four “domains of leadership strengths”.

These four domains provide an excellent framework for understanding and sharing an individual’s talents in the context of the work of a team.  Combining the talents of all team members into a “team talents profile” gives the team members and the team leader a powerful understanding of how to engage individually and collectively the talents represented by members on the team.

Taking the StrengthsFinder assessment

The StrengthsFinder assessment ranks the 34 talents Don Clifton identified as impacting our sources of satisfaction. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the assessment which can be accessed through Gallup’s on-line Strengths Center.

Choice one: For $19.99 your report will list your top five talents and provide considerable guidance to help you begin your strengths journey. At a later date, for an additional $69, you can get your full ranked listing of the thirty-four talents based on your original assessment.

Choice Two For $89 you can take the assessment and get the full thirty-four report.

You can access Gallup’s Strengths Center Store by clicking here.

Please share your “Top Five” or “Full Thirty-Four” with your strengths coach who will help you understand and embrace the talents you have been hardwired with from childhood. Your understanding of these talents will impact all phases of your life and provide a valuable framework to plan and build your future endeavors.

Determining and Understanding an individual’s Talents and the Team’s Shared Talent Profile

Teamwork Dynamics has developed several tools that analyze team members’ “talents” and provide a framework for understanding and engaging team members in the work of the team to create a “strengths based” culture of teamwork that results in positive results.

The firm also works with individuals to help them embrace their talents, develop their strengths and set strengths-based goals. Please contact us for more information.

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