About Thomas Samson

The author of this blog is Thomas Samson.  Tom was born in a small town in Nebraska and grew up on a family farm near York, Nebraska.  The first eight years of his formal education took place in a one room country school which never had more than ten students in all eight grades.  His high school years were spent in a parish school where his graduating class of 18 was the largest in the 75 years the school was in operation.  From there Tom went to Creighton University where he earned his degree in accounting.

As the oldest child of three and the only son, Tom spent his formative years working along side of his father on the farm.  The family engaged in the activities needed to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, cultivate the young plants, irrigate when the rains were sparse and harvest the crops when the time was right . . . . . . a process that was repeated every year. The Samson’s ancestors were immigrants from Germany who came to Nebraska in the 1880’s when that part of the country was populated through the homestead laws.  Each homesteading family was provided a small parcel of land where they built a home and commited to turn the prairie into a fertile farm to help feed a growing nation.

Tom’s talents and values were shaped by his parents, relatives and their friends who embraced the work ethics that brought victory in World War II and drove the development of the country in the years that followed.

Tom’s top five talents, as determined by Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment are:

  1. Strategic – Tom quickly creates alternative ways to proceed when faced with any given scenario.  He quickly spots the relevant patterns and issues.  A talent influenced and shaped by his work with his father.
  2. Activator – Tom turns thoughts into action.  A talent that is develop in many  first born children who develop this talent through their work with their younger siblings.
  3. Individualization – Tom’s early education was in small classes where everyone was given special attention by the teacher and the fellow classmates.  He grew up realizing that every person was different and that you had to figure out how to work with each one of them.
  4. Arranger – Tom’s dad was a careful planner and would organize all the parts of a task before he started to take action.  He impressed on Tom that you did this so that you could complete your work in a timely fashion.
  5. Learner – Tom’s dad helped him understand how things worked by taking them apart.  His teachers, especially in his elementary schooling, allowed him to move rapidly through his coursework and then added more material when his grade level material was exhausted.

These talents have guided Tom as his career and professional work has developed over the years. Please visit www.tfsamson.com to view Tom’s CV.

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